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Damon & Renate's Holiday Cottages

Damon & Renate's Holiday Cottages: June 2011

Damon & Renate's Holiday Cottages

Beautiful stone cottages near Oban and on the Isle of Mull

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Location: Taynuilt, Argyll, United Kingdom

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Chicks, hedgehog and weather

This afternoon I heard something scurrying around in the deaf nettle, as I went to do some sanding by the shed. I assumed it was a chicken, but it was a rather large hedgehog settling in for a nap. I managed to take a picture really close up, I could have stroked it.

The small chicks have now been abandoned by Speckles. She's become quite aggressive, working her way up the pecking order. She also pecks at the chicks.

We are just leaving them in the pen during tge day and letting the big chickens out to wonder around.

Damon and I went to mull the day before yesterday to do our changeover as our cleaner there was away. We were warned by Mark to leave in time due to tge retarmaccing. And sure enough. Here we stood for 40 mins while they battled through the rain and wind to improve the roads. We just made it to the ferry on time.