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Almost There!

Damon & Renate's Holiday Cottages: Almost There!

Damon & Renate's Holiday Cottages

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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Almost There!

Hopefully we are just about there now. The electrician has finished all the wiring and testing and outside the front of the house has been raised and tidied up with a digger and tractor. On the inside everything is done apart from a few minor detailing bits and swapping the old solid fuel Aga for an electric one. The solid fuel was fantastic through the winter as it did our heating, cooking and hot water but it is dirty, expensive to run, and really difficult to load and unload so now we have electricity it is time for it to go. If it could run on wood we would have been tempted to keep it but it can only take a certain type of manufactured anthracite which takes a lot getting in.
The photos show the living room which is finished apart from curtains and pictures for the wall, the sofa on the right is a built in version of the smaller blue one and will have a matching cover when Renate has time to get over and help fit it.
The outside of the house is a photo of Renate's mum who we managed to get over for a day when she was visiting from Holland. The house is proving to be right on the border between the sunshine of the low lying islands to the west (surprisingly they claim more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in Britain) and the orographic rainfall as the clouds hit the higher parts of Mull. If I look out of the front of the house there always seems to be cloud to the left (east) and blue skies to the right (west).
The view is looking up the west coast of Mull from the field by the house.

Now we just need to wait for building control to get over. How long that takes is very unpredictable and whether there is anything else they want doing depends on the mood on the day with old houses, so fingers crossed.


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