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Sea Eagles and Boats

Damon & Renate's Holiday Cottages: Sea Eagles and Boats

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Monday, 8 June 2009

Sea Eagles and Boats

Anja and I went on the seafari trip yesterday from the island of Seil.  We did the 2 hour wildlife and Corryvreckan tour, which was fabulous.  Great weather, although still cold on the boat and we were wearing several jumpers and gloves.  We were provided with waterproofs and life jackets.  They also hire out binoculars for £2, which are nice and sturdy and can cope with some spray.  I had my camera wrapped up in a plastic bag and in my rucsac, which was a bit of a faff to get out every time we slowed down, but well worth it.

The quantity of pictures speak for themselves really, they won't fit on one blog, so I'll do another one for the seal and stag.  A variety of birds, black guillemot, common seals which is the picture, but also some grey seals with their dog like faces in the water.  The common seal females, which is the spotted one, are all heavily pregnant and due to pup within a month.  Their pups are black and can swim within a day.  The grey seals pup in the autumn on islands like Mull (very near to Torr na locha) and are white.  They can't swim for 3 weeks until they lose their white coat.

The white tailed sea eagles were seen on the tip of Jura.  They are the biggest of the eagles in Scotland, and nest on the islands.  They are quite social birds, while the golden eagles up Loch Etive are solitary birds.

In the corryvreckan cauldron between Jura and Scarba, we found a small pod of porpoise.  The pictures did not work well unfortunately.  The stag was on a gully high up on Scarba.

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