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A Mountain Rescue from 3 Perspectives

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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

A Mountain Rescue from 3 Perspectives

Micahel Tunney someone we rescued in 2006, who was quite badly injured, is kindly putting a lot of time into an event to raise money for Oban Mountain Rescue Team over the next year. He has written a description of his experience and asked us to provide a description of the rescue from our side.

So on his blog at we are now in the unusual position of having a rescue described by:
  • the person being rescued (titled 11/11/6)
  • me as leader of the rescue
  • Ross as a member of the first rescue group to reach Michael that evening.
Soon there should also be a description by the helicopter pilots from HMS Gannet who were flying that night and produced some amazing flying in horribly windy conditions. After they got back they discovered and 18 inch gash in the body work had opened up towards the tail rotor!

You'll see that they don't quite agree with each other, even on apparently factual events. Rescue's are always about minimizing chaos and if 30 people are involved there are 30 different versions of events afterwards.


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