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Damon & Renate's Holiday Cottages

Damon & Renate's Holiday Cottages

Beautiful stone cottages near Oban and on the Isle of Mull

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Location: Taynuilt, Argyll, United Kingdom

Monday, 1 December 2008

Well. it did work, I've got my robin photos and others.  These three are probably the best.  Could you let me know which one you think I should use for our Christmas Newsletter? 
Thanks, Renate


Blogger Belly said...

I, personally, like the third one best.
But would you trust the judgement of a colorblind, artistic nitwit ;-)

5 December 2008 at 03:33  
Blogger Sarah said...

I was going to suggest bird three - I see we agree!

5 December 2008 at 15:06  
Blogger Jenny Beardsley (Doncaster) said...

Hi I also like the third one the best, however they are all lovley pic.

13 December 2008 at 02:27  

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