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Highland rescue

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Monday, 24 October 2011

Highland rescue

We seem to be in a phase where the Oban Mountain Rescue team is on tv regularly. Next one coming up : Highland Emergency on Wednesday evening at 7.30pm on Channel 5 will feature Oban MRT doing a daring rescue on Cruachan!
And it's episode 7.

And soon there will be the Landmark show, another Scottish one, with a simulated cave rescue where Damon was interviewed. Probably mid November.

The weather has been very mild here, but fully autumn. Plenty of rain and very gusty winds today. Last Saturday I didn't think there was any rain left in the sky, and sure enough Sunday started dry.

We are all preparing for the onslaught of autumn festivals. Halloween, the enchanted forest in Pitlochry, lantern festival in Lochgilphead, bonfire night, winter festivities the last week of November in Oban with an ice skating ring and Victorian theme. For us it's then St Nicholas as celebrated in Holland on the 5th December. Then finally it will be Christmas, and I'll be organising the Hogmanay party for Taynuilt in the village hall.

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