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Thursday, 3 June 2010


We have gained three lambs on Mull now, Patch, Bubbles and Squeak. They were hand reared on Iona after their mothers died and are now at Torr na Locha. This is Sally getting to know them, she doesn't like change so is not too sure what to make of them at the moment, but they think she is great and follow her everywhere! We are gaining another horse this week as well, Jack, so she is going to be really put out.
I went out for a run with Ceri yesterday evening and very nearly stood on this little fellow in the middle of the track by the pond. I think its a tawny owl and probably just made a bit of a mess of its first attempt to fly and hit the ground too hard (you can see the adult feathers showing on the bottom right). Usually the best plan is to just leave them alone as they can be rejected by the parents if there is a human smell on them. But we have lots of dogs staying at Bonawe at the moment so I pushed it into a cardboard box and put it on the roof of the stable block near by. We could hear the parents flying up and down the track and calling all evening. When I went along later on to see if it was still there it had gone so fingers crossed they found it and are reunited.


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